Karate NL is the only legitimately recognized sport governing body for karate
in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador.
We are affiliated with Karate Canada, Sport NL, the Canadian Olympic Commitee, and the
World Karate Federation.
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Becoming a Member of Karate NL:

     To begin your application to join Karate NL your first steps are to contact our President, (Derek J. Ryan), and express your intent to apply for membership.
     Next to join our provincial association "Karate NL", you will need to submit the information required as per Article 8.6 of the Constitution.  Below is a copy of the full Constitution for your information. Your registration would also include a list of club members and the annual fees required -- individual fee per member is $30 and club fee is $35.

     Once admitted, a club must register every one of its students and instructors.  Probationary membership will apply as per Article 8.3 of our Constitution. 
     After your application has been reviewed and accepted by Karate NL and the 12 months probation has elapsed, you would be able to further apply for recognition by "Karate Canada".

  • Dan rank recognition- the blackbelt levels of your member(s).
  • Style recognition -   We would be able to help you with this process.  Below is a sample of the Karate Canada application as well.  Your "style" leader would first have to receive "Dan Recognition" from Karate Canada.

Karate NL Constitution - 2018

     Finally once your application has been reviewed and accepted by Karate NL and Karate Canada, and your 12 month probationary period is complete, you will be a fully recgonized karate club under Karate NL, Karate Canada, World Karate Federation, the Government of Canada, and the Canadian Olympic Commitee. You will then have access to all the benefits and privileges of being recognized by all organizations mentioned aboved.

     All benefits and privileges of being a member of said organizations is viewable by clicking the button below.
Karate Canada Dan Recognition Form 
Karate Canada - Become A Member 
Karate Canada Club Recognition Form